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 OWL Systen, Inc is a manufacturer & wholesaler for Vehicle Rear Vision Systems , with years of experience in industry.Our goal is to establish a relationship with our customers based on our quality and our performance,we listen to our cuatomer's problems within the trucking industry and try to design the best solutions for their needs. For customers buying in volume or for resale we make their own private label or change the color and design according to their specifications.
Vehicle Rear Vision Systems - Day Night Visionzed is in commercial and recreational vehicles for drivers to see blind spots behind their vehicles. Our product helps drivers to safely back up or change lanes.
A survey conducted by All State Insurance Company found that 27% of all Vehicle Related accidents are due to vehicles in reverse.Such accidents occur every 90 seconds in the US
We at OWL Systems admit that we can't stop accidents, but we can help to prevent them from occurrring by adding a specially designed video-camera system to the vehicle. When the driver shifts to reverse, the monitor will automatically turn on, enabling the driver to see all blind spots behind his or her vehicle. Since this system comes with two channels, it can connect two cameras together, one camera can be installed at end of a car or truck, another can be installed to watch side or interior. The Rear Vision Camera is equipped with infrared lights and sensors that let the driver view the road much better during low light conditions.

For More information regarding our products, please call us at toll free 1-866-288-2695



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